Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Everything's coming up tomatoes

Even though the calendar has changed to September and the kids are back at school, tomatoes still dominate the kitchen. Over the weekend I did bake another sour cream coffee cake using apples and almonds as a signal that apple season is upon us. But, for the most part, all meals still include tomatoes. In the rush to get dinner on the table tonight, I simply baked some scrod topped with peeled, (I love my peeler!!!)diced fresh tomatoes and bread crumbs. Seasoned with sea salt, pepper and a dash of olive oil. Bake in 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes. I served with a tossed salad and baked potatoes. I cheated on the potatoes and bought them already baked from my local fish store when I picked up the scrod. They have a great take out service and you can get items a la carte. Wonderful and fast.

But that was second dinner.

First dinner was for KC who needed to get to diving practice. First week of school and I'm scrambling to get a dinner schedule that works. Today was the ultimate work/home balance which had me finishing up a conference call then making pizza (using store bought dough...sorry) with fresh tomatoes...what else...so that KC could have something to eat. It turned out rather well with Ali finishing it off when she got home. Leaving just the meat eaters needing to be feed.

So, the tomatoes will continue to pile up in the kitchen as I figure out both more ways to use them and a better way to balance the dinner schedule.


Sylvia said...

Oh ! I love tomatoes and I use almost everyday to cook. Do you had a nice blog.

Daniela said...

Hi Diane,

I made some changes to the soup recipe regarding the sugar. Start with 1/4 cup and after the roux is added, adjust the amount of sugar until you reach desired sweetness.