Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Fun

We have been having fun this summer in the Nord Kitchen.

Potatoes sauted with onions, fennel and kale
Our oldest daughter is working as part of the harvest crew at Siena Farms. Every week she brings home a box of wonderful, fresh, and sometimes unfamiliar, vegetables. It has been a fun challenge to create different dishes each week with the goal to use EVERY item in the box. Although I try to use up every item within the week, some items do get carried over. But, I have not augmented my vegetable cooking with vegetables from any other source. No rushing to the grocery store for a few more potatoes.

We eat what we get.

Of course, we have augmented with produce from our own garden. Alan's garlic crop is plentiful this year. Which helps when advice from the farm is to "saute in olive oil and garlic....add a bit of salt...and enjoy." I have been going through an awful lot of olive oil.

Our own tomatoes have begun to ripen so those are now added to the mix.

Another bonus is access to a continues supply of sunflowers.  I never knew that there we so many different varieties.  My favorite is the Teddy Bear Sunny.

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